technology to maximize  the experience

and the performance of your events.

livent characteristics


LIVENT  allows you to centralize, flight reservations, hotel, and transfers in a single button and in a personalized way. You can also guide your participants with maps and notifications.


LIVENT allows you to define who and when receives your content. Communicate the agenda of your event, day by day, with the ability to generate individual windows for each presentation. Share presenter profiles and reference materials.


LIVENT  allows your participants to upload photos, comments, and likes. If you want to generate more constructive participation, LIVENT allows you to launch co-creation challenges and guide work groups in the construction of innovative ideas


LIVENT allows you to do instant surveys, knowledge assessments, sentiment measurements, receive questions from the public in real time. And all this information generates Data Points which can be analyzed to generate insights of your events.


LIVENT allows you to measure in a personalized way the participation, punctuality, contributions, and creativity of your assistants so that you can recognize and effectively encourage your work team.


LIVENT can cover your corporate communication needs after the event. The different functions of the tool can be adjusted to your long-term needs.

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